Sunday, May 1, 2011

My "relationship" advice.

Ok. So my last relationship was an epic fail. Oh well. I can still hand out unsolicited advice if I want to. So here goes. If you want a good relationship, heres what you have to do. Shut up for one thing. Listen to your significant other for a change and quit thinking about you you you. They may just appreciate it. Another thing is, quit disrespecting your partner. It is not appreciated, called for, or in any way wanted so stop it. Respect goes both ways but you have to give it to get it and thats that. You know the saying that you get more flies with honey than with vinegar? Well, apply that to your marriage. Duh! Nobody wants to be treated as if they have the plague, are some disgusting alien, or a rabies infested dog. It really ticks me off seeing some of these people act like total jerks to the one person that really cares about them outside of their family. For one thing, you wouldnt like it if someone treated you that way. For another thing, you never know how long either one of you will be around. And if something were to happen, wouldnt you regret some of the things you have said or done? so get off your high horse and do something about it.

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