Sunday, May 1, 2011

My "relationship" advice.

Ok. So my last relationship was an epic fail. Oh well. I can still hand out unsolicited advice if I want to. So here goes. If you want a good relationship, heres what you have to do. Shut up for one thing. Listen to your significant other for a change and quit thinking about you you you. They may just appreciate it. Another thing is, quit disrespecting your partner. It is not appreciated, called for, or in any way wanted so stop it. Respect goes both ways but you have to give it to get it and thats that. You know the saying that you get more flies with honey than with vinegar? Well, apply that to your marriage. Duh! Nobody wants to be treated as if they have the plague, are some disgusting alien, or a rabies infested dog. It really ticks me off seeing some of these people act like total jerks to the one person that really cares about them outside of their family. For one thing, you wouldnt like it if someone treated you that way. For another thing, you never know how long either one of you will be around. And if something were to happen, wouldnt you regret some of the things you have said or done? so get off your high horse and do something about it.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ok, so I was reading the last two or three posts. Can I just say that situations change in a quick fast hurry. Yea. I went from happy with a little trouble to unhappy with a lot of trouble and now I'm happy again. Happiness is totally relative. What is happiness? Well, it means different things to different people. For me now, my happiness is my freedom. My ability to make all the decisions concerning me without having to okay anything with anyone else. My family is so supportive of me that all I have to do is tell them and they are all like wow okay :) do whatever makes you happy. Gotta love family. Also, heres another update for ya, I've met a few gentlemen that are my age for a change and all of them have similar qualities that I'm looking for... Nothing serious on the horizon for quite some time but hey, it doesnt hurt to shop around in the mean time... As long as you are upfront and honest about any and every intention you have that concerns them seeing as they do happen to have a right to know what concerns them. Other than that, ive been totally spoiling myself since i found a job(that i love), made "new old friends", and started living for me. I love my life as it is now and have no intentions of changing it except to better myself although if i may be so selfcentered as to say i think im pretty ok as i am :)) love me or hate me i will always be me. Y'all have a great day, and remember, do what makes you happy or everyone around you will be miserable... yourself included!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time and time again...

We all have those days. You know the ones I'm talking about. You don't feel good or have something bothering you from the back of your mind that you can't quite put your finger on. Well, I know exactly what is bothering me today. My laptop. Yep, it's busted. Now I have to find a new one. SOMEONE threw it up against a wall and it shattered into a million pieces. Unfortunately, my service plan doesn't cover anything beyond "normal" wear and tear! If it did, I would have a brand new lappy. Not a busted to pieces one. Since I don't have my trusted laptop, I'm having to use my husbands desktop. I liked my laptop waaayyy better. No wires. No extra appendiges. No separate keyboard. Well, I suppose he will have to buy me another one! Another one of those days kind of things going on is I NEED a job! I quite my ten hour a day job to go to school for a paralegal degree. Now I'm broke, getting divorced, and have no computer. ugh. Not the way I wanted to begin the week. Things are going to look up for me though. I have wonderful parents that will help me through anything, I have an amazing sister-in-law that will let me gripe to her for hours at a time during which she will utter exlamations of joy or anger or even sadness at all the right times. What is a family for anyways right? Their sole purpose is to be there and be on your side when things get rough. Point Blank! I love my family. So, while I go and deal with another one of those days, consider this... As long as you have family, you WILL survive. Or at least a cat, who doesn't mind you yelling and gestulating as long as you give it mushy food! Have a Great "One of Those Days!"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prince Charming?

Ok, so I was reading these "blog-posts" (for lack of better terminology) and they were all talking about the ever-present but absent at the same time prince charming. Does he exist? Could he really be out there? Well if he is let me tell you i havent found him or anyone remotely similar to him.... I am actually married. I have been for two LONG years. I know that seems like nothing compared to some of you who have been married for ages but for me, it seems like forever. That is probably because i feel like i have aged as much as ten years in the space of two! It is just amazing to me that i am only 22. ha. Anyhoo, like i said, i have been married for two LONG years. We have been through, during that time, more drama bull crap than most couples go through in four or five years. So, needless to say i did NOT marry my ideal prince charming. I understand that the ELUSIVE prince charming is really just a person who makes you feel good about yourself. and in turn you want to make him feel good about himself. thats just the way it goes. well, good luck. I know that noone is perfect. the crazy thing is that even though i most of the time hate him, i dont like what he does, and all that drama, i still care enough about him to stay until he gets himself out of the hole he dug. He says i have a "high tolerance for bullshit".... i believe it! How much more can a person be expected to put up with?? A lot more thats how much. I see how my sister in law is spending her life now, its like we have traded places. she is reliving her twenties and im living in her version of the thirtys. and you thought you have problems. HA! I just have one thing to say... You can get yourself out of any hole you put yourself in.. Just because you probably need a little help along that tough climb out doesnt mean you cant do it. there will always be SOMEONE who will be willing to help you. I have TONS of people to turn to for advice. My pastor, a new church family, my mom and dad, and my sisterinlaw. that last one has been the best friend i have ever had and im grateful everyday that she is around to keep me sane...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Day.

Well, I guess this time I will actually tell about the last two days of my "So-Called" life. I am actually very pleased with my life at this point. Of my husband I will say this--He is a good man. He has made is mistakes but hey everybody does. Even me. Ha! Understatement! I usually end up saying the wrong thing or not sticking to what I say...... Well we can't all be perfect! At least I keep groceries in the fridge and the house clean.... and we have clean clothes...most of the time. Haha! Kidding. Laundry is on the mind today. I just finished folding a TON of clothes i have recently aquired and was thinking(as I was pulling them out of the dryer)"there can't be that many more in there.. I dont really have THIS much clothing...Do I?? Where did all these come from?!?!?!" I was thinking that because the dryer usually eats my clothes.... so therefore I have to buy more.... It really throws me for a loop when all of them decide to show up at once in one load that I had to decide to fold right before having to go somewhere. Folding clothes takes a long time when you have more than you realize you had. Anyhoo, We are apparently the proud owners of a new boat. I say new. Its new to us really.. And we are more like part owners. Our neighbors are co-owners with us. And I say new, since its new to us but the boat needs a LOT of work. new seats. new paint. new stickers. I dont really know what it needs. I just know its currently a boat hull with a motor. A very loud motor at that. Trust me its loud. I was unfortunately standing closer to the back(by the motor) rather than the front when they cranked it up to demonstrate its apparently appealing(to males) LOUD noise. I mean its just noise to me but to the guys its like a kitten purring... HA! More like an oversize tiger roaring because you took away its chew toy. Other than that my life is just normal. I hang out with Ms. Jeanie, I cook dinner for my husband, I clean, I wash, I clean, I fold, I clean, and I pretty much take care of the house. Just the inside though. The outside is David's responsibility haha. I hate bugs so I would just spend the time outside swinging away at some invisible to other people bug that just wont leave me alone. Like I said. I HATE bugs. Even butterflies. Although I dont generally swing at them, I just dont let them land on me. They look better on flowers. Now when it comes to new electronic gidgets and gadgets I am totally cool. No swinging or swatting haha. My favorite electronic gadget that I have recently acquired has to by my iPod touch...... I LOVE THAT THING!!! It gets on the internet, has cool games, and keeps track of anything I could think of that I would want it to keep track of. The only things I like better than electronics are books. Give me a room full of books and you probably won't see me for a couple of weeks. Seriously. I would eat sleep and live books if I could. Its not just that reading is "an escape from reality" but that its FUN! Reading really is fun! Some people don't agree but I would MUCH rather read a book than go out and see a movie and eat dinner. Crazy but thats just me! Well, the dryer full of towels is bellowing so More Later. :) Happy weekend and safe fourth of july!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ummm. Thats all I have to say about that. Forrest couldn't have put it better. Thats all most people can say when you ask them to describe themselves so thats all you're gonna get from me. For the moment.... The self description will arrive in bits and peices as me and my sister-in-law blog about random happenings in our "so-called" lives. Here's a tidbit from her self description-"Are crazy people really that attracted to me?? What gives??". Anyhoo, we have very goofy moments and this happens to be one of them. Here's the question of the day..... WHY do the only guys that have the guts to ask a girl out have to be over fifty, under 25, psychotic(majorly distorted perceptions of reality being the main psychotic tendency), and impossibly CLINGY???? I mean really. Normal girls want NORMAL guys. Not stupid ones. As you can tell we are more than likely going to use this to vent more than describe our lives but thats ok. Its bound to be interesting at the very least. Ok. sd(self-description) tidbit #1--I like the Foo Fighters. And Paramore. Sd tidbit #2--We AREN'T fat....we are pleasantly fluffy. Unlike some of these "skinny minny" chicks that think blonde hair and big boobs and a nice tush are all you need to get a guy. Thats why we have our own t-shirt slogan... "I eat skinny girls. For breakfast." Sd Tidbit #3--we have both had marital issues. UNDERSTATEMENT! Really. It is an understatement. Been there. Didn't purchase the t-shirt either. Second question of the day.... Why are men wishy washy??? Make up your minds already! Chicks dont like it when you like/love them one minute and the next you want out. Talk about annoying. We know better anyways so just shut up and listen. Sd tidbit #4--She likes coffee. Alot. And cigars. Wine flavored only if you please. Sd tidbit #5--I like those too. Don't worry, I'm not through yet. Aha! I thought of another one about her.... Sd tidbit #6--She likes to read. Yet another understatement. Give her a good book along the lines of "Harry Potter" and she wont put it down till its done. Sd tidbit #7--Im worse. I won't do anything for days until I finish the freaking book. I never skim either. Well sometimes I do but not all the time or it wouldnt take me days to finish. Duh. Wellp, thats all for now. Check back later for more venting/descriptions in tomorrows episode of "The so-called life of a normal person...."